Stock & Irrigation Water Filters Gallery

If you are taking water from a creek or a dam for your livestock or for irrigation, a water filter can help to prevent costly pump maintenance by keeping your water intake clear. Clogged water intakes put added stress on your pump and can cause it to give up the ghost long before it otherwise would have. A loss of water to your stock or crop can also be costly and problematic.

How to clean dam water for livestock or horticulture

clean dam water

Whether your farm is dry stock, dairy, arable or horticultural clean dam water is an important factor for the overall health of your land or stock. Read more

How to source water for livestock from steams and dams

water for livestock

There are several ways water for livestock can be sourced for your farm or lifestyle block. The ultimate supply will provide clean, pure water for your needs but even if your water supply is not at the highest level there are ways to improve it. Read more

How Farm Water Filters improve quality of water for livestock

farm water filters

Water for livestock can be greatly improved by the addition of a weed guard to your water intake. This can also improve pump effciency and longevity. Read more