How to clean dam water for livestock or horticulture

clean dam waterRegular checks on water supplies from the original source to the farm trough should be carried out to avoid blockages and bacterial contamination. Stock will not thrive if they cannot access enough clean water, this applies especially to lactating cows. Lack of water for stock can cause distress to the animals and even death if not dealt with. Stock water requirement tables are available from MAF.

Dams are a commonplace method of providing water for the land. If gravity is not available to direct the water where it's required a pumping system will do the job. Pumps will have their own filters but these, along with connecting piping, may get clogged quickly if no other filters are in place. Clean dam water will help to avoid unnecessary strain for the pump and it's filter and water filters are available to clean the actual dam water some of which will incorporate a chlorine dispenser to counteract bacterial growth. Even horticultural blocks will benefit from bacteria free water.

Troughs can become polluted with a variety of things including small dead animals. Stock drinking this tainted water may suffer from diarrhoea which can compound the problem especially in a drought when faeces contaminated surface water is consumed. In a drought situation stock should be either moved closer to a clean water supply or a clean supply should be pumped to them.

Water may not always be available to every corner of your land naturally, and low rainfall or drought may dry up a once reliable source. Being able to water all your property should be a priority and pumps and piping need to cover the maximum area possible to make your land as productive as possible. Where stock is concerned this is an absolute priority - humans cannot live without water - neither can animals, livestock needs water and clean water at that. Install water filters from the dam, through piping and pumps to the farm trough, the end result of cleaner water will be worth the minimal expense involved.