Dam Weed Guard

Peter and Sheryl Tonkin
Peter and Sheryl Tonkin
Kiwis are renowned for their 'find your own answer to the problem' attitude which is exactly what happened when Matakohe man Gordon Speedy decided farm waterways could use a little help to keep them cleaner - that's how the "Dam Weed Guard" was born. Who needs multi-million dollar research budgets when Kiwi ingenuity is alive and well.

Peter and Sheryl Tonkin own a beef and sheep business in Matakohe and after fitting the "Dam Weed Guard" were so impressed with it that they bought the business. The device is strongly built for longevity and low maintenance; with the inclusion of a chlorine tablet dispenser in the unit it will ease the strain on pump and water systems by discouraging weeds, fish and bacteria.

Having bought the business they are now actively promoting the device at farm orientated events such as the National Field Days. For their display they painted the "Dam Weed Guard" in bright pink and yellow to draw attention to their stall (the device is normally plain black). This ploy was very successful. Whether you own a farm or a lifestyle block this invention will work for you.

Just as a number eight wire fix is cheap and easy so too is the "Dam Weed Guard". Water is the life blood of any farm and the cleaner the better. Clogging of your reticulation system, pumps and piping can mean an expensive repair bill so why not fix the problem before it becomes one.