Stream & Dam Water Filters

Protect your water supply from weed problems with the "Dam Weed Guard". This tough water filter floats in your dam or creek water supply and protects your filter or inlet from weeds and floating debris.

Dam Weed GuardDam Weed Guard

The "Dam Weed Guard" has a lid, to keep light out so in shallow water weeds won’t grow. The lid also prevents debris from getting in. An anchor rope can be attached for ease of retrieval and to secure unit in fast moving water.

Prevent Algae

Prevent AlgaeUsing a chlorine tablet dispenser inside the "Dam Weed Guard" eliminate most algae build up which causes blockages in pumps, inline filters, water lines and trough valves. By using this system you ensure your stock get the best water possible.

Screen FilterScreen Filter

The Screen Filter is designed to fit inside the "Dam Weed Guard". The size of the Screen Filter is 460mm long 150mm wide and 140mm deep. The Stainless Steel Mesh used is a recommended size used by Pump Manufactures, this allows water to flow though it without being restricted. As the filter is inside the "Dam Weed Guard" cleaning is not required as often as Filters floating uncovered.

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